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The Man Diet Review

The Man Diet is a new plan created by Chad Howse. As you may have guessed from the name, The Man Diet is a program specifically for men, designed to boost and invigorate testosterone levels – forming a leaner and more muscular body.

Chad Howse is a former boxer who has spent years studying the optimum diet for packing on lean muscle – and claims to have the correct formula. Chad actually started his boxing career 32 lbs lighter, at just 150lbs. After years of experimentation with diets and training Chad managed to bulk up to 182lbs of solid muscle at just 8% body fat.. in a relatively short period of time. All of this is down to “The Man Diet”

So What Is “The Man Diet?”

Chad Howse has a unique take on fat loss.. Through his extensive experience he has the hypothesis that the reason many men struggle with pertaining the physique they dream of is down to extremely suppressed levels of testosterone. It’s easy to subscribe to the assumption that modern life and additive packed food is the cause of lowered testosterone in men and there is nothing we can do about it..however Chad believes that there is a solution out there! Chad quite rightly points out that many of the fat loss protocols people know are specifically geared towards women, taking in no consideration for the male body and how certain foods and timings may affect male testosterone levels.

Within his program, Chad reveals numerous secret methods on how some of the most ripped men walking around to day are able to naturally elevate their testosterone levels – obliterating fat and gaining lean & solid muscle. Many fitness myths are also dispelled, as Chad takes an in-depth look at the information most people are given and why they continue to spin their wheels when it comes to turning their dreams into reality.

In the book you will find a step-by-step guide on how to;

  • Build lean, dense muscle, without increasing workout frequency.
  • Destroy body fat without major changes to your diet
  • Propel and increase your energy levels, improving your quality of life inside as well as outside the gym.

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What is included in the program?

Packed with knowledge from start to finish, The Man Diet program includes the following;

  • The Man Diet ebook – The full look at testosterone’s role in fat loss and how you can take yours to new heights through natural resources.
  • The Quick Start Guide – A condensed version of the book, allowing you to take action straight away and implement the protocols learnt.
  • The Man Diet Cheater’s Guide – A rare look into how you are able to maintain low body fat year round whilst also enjoying full (yes full) days of eating whatever you want..
  • The Man Diet Meal Log – An intricate meal plan so that you can stay on top of what foods you need.
  • Supplement Guide – A detailed look at some of the natural supplements on the market today that actually work when it comes to raising testosterone levels.

If you purchase the program you also get ongoing updates from Chad, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest in testosterone raising techniques.

Does it actually work?

Throughout the book, Chad explains in detail the myths perpetuated when it comes to maintaining a lean and chiseled physique, and he then provides specific scientific proof that rivals those very myths. Howse offers a step-by-step procedure for the reader to lower their excess fat, increase energy levels and gain muscle naturally.. and from some of the testimonials available (below), it is fair to say he does a very good job at this.

Who is The Man Diet suitable for?

The Man Diet is suitable for any male out there who’s workouts are solid, diets on point yet still suffer from mediocre or even non-existent results. Low testosterone is the leading cause of lowered muscle mass in men, and this plan will help anyone that suffers from this transform into a testosterone packed alpha-male.

From middle aged men to professional athletes to even college students, decreased testosterone can affect men of all backgrounds at any point in their lives.


  • Fantastic amount of information which is very easy to understand from start to finish.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your goals
  • You are able to continue to enjoy the foods you like whilst simultaneously raising testosterone levels.
  • All natural – zero side effects and suitable for men aged 18-100.
  • Promotes fat loss and muscle gain as well as energy level promotion.
  • Increased testosterone does wonders for many other illnesses such as depression and low libido.
  • You are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee if not happy with the results.
  • At just $19.95 the program is a bargain.


  • Not 100% suitable for vegetarians.
  • Not suitable for women whatsoever.
  • As with most authentic programs, results are not over-night and will require consistency.



Final Say

This product is perfect for men who are struggling to lose weight and build muscle through traditional diet and training programs and feel there may be other forces beyond their control that work against them. The program is suitable for men who just want to look good on the beach as well as those with dreams upon stepping on a bodybuilding stage and even professional athletes in other sports.

To sum it up, this is a great product at a very good price. On the website you are able to see that there are many men who have all tried the program and had amazing results once the secrets to increasing testosterone had been revealed to them.

We give The Man Diet 5/5 stars.

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Where to Buy

The Man Diet is available for purchase through its website, here. The official domain provides you with several options for purchase ranging from PayPal to credit card payments. There’s also SSL security installed, so you can be sure that your private information is 100% safe. The Current cost of The Man Diet is $19.95.

By purchasing The Man Diet you will be protected by a 60 day guarantee. Through this guarantee, individuals are offered a refund should they choose to return it. If you are unhappy with the results of your weight loss while following the program, the customer service team will give your money back with no fuss.

Several bonuses are made available upon purchase of the product. Some of the eBooks you’ll also get with The Man Diet are: The Man Diet Manual, The Man Diet Meal Log, The Man Diet Cheater’s Guide, The Man Diet Supplement Guide and The Man Diet Quick start Guide.

Click here to visit the official website.


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