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In this blog, we are going to look at whether Fred W. Schafer can help anyone above 50 years old improve their  body in 28 days.

This product is brilliant for those starting to feel the wear and tear of everyday life a little more. Ever notice how most of these new-fangled workout programs that claim to help you lose 20lbs in a month are all written by 25 year old guys? The simple fact is – most trainers don’t really know how to cater for the more mature person aspiring to be fit.

But now there is a new (old) guy on the scene…Fred W. Schafer.

Using free weights and bodyweight exercises properly and safely, Fred claims to be able to totally transform any 50 year olds body using slow and medium intensity exercises .. and in just 28 days.

So..lets get into the details..

What Exactly Is The 50 Fit Training System?

Not only is the 50 Fit training system a complete guide on how to get the body you want approaching or after the age of 50. It is also a 28 day challenge which will enable you to grow both physically and spiritually, Fred uses proven self-development techniques to drive progression and help you break free from negative holding patterns.

In terms of the workout plan itself, the information provided is second to none. Fred really takes the time to explain and demonstrate the importance of performing exercises safely.

50 Fit includes full body strength, flexibility and conditioning exercises, specifically tailored to people looking to build a strong, resilient body that stands the test of time. The program is just 28 days, but Fred aims to instil principles that the user can take with them throughout their life.

The core movements of the program include pushing and pulling exercises. How to squat and bend safely, rotation/twisting movements, and lunging and striding (walk/run). The movements included are suitable for both beginner and advanced level.

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Who Is Fred W. Schafer?


Fred W. Schafer is a 56 years old Certified Fitness Trainer and Body Transformation Specialist as well as an expert Nutritionist. In addition to this he is also a motivational speaker working in the Health and Wellness sector.

Since 2002 Fred has been sharing his message and helping thousands of people across the United States change their lives for the better, enhancing and improving their minds, bodies and souls. For more information on the man himself, check out the website, Fred Schafer.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Introduction (59 pages)

The program starts off with a 59 page introductory welcome pack where Fred explains some of the benefits that people over 50 will have when trying to get fit and healthy, as well as a checklist for the user to complete. 50 Fit then explains why it will work and more importantly how.

The program then moves onto a section called:

28 Days To A Better Body – Your Guide To Extraordinary Over 50 Fitness, Health & Wellness (67 pages)

This section covers a lot more detailed information about health and wellness principles and also contains the full workout plan for the following 28 days.

Movement Manual (79 pages)

The movement manual includes full step by step instructions for each and every movement within the program. Fred doesn’t just explain in-depth how the movements work and how to perform them, he also included photos for each of the different steps you need to take to maximise your workout. The amount of insight is really quite excepetional. Below is an overview of the type of movements included:

  • Getting Up From The Floor Safely
  • Warm Up Movements
  • Lower Body Pull Focused Movements
  • Upper Body Pull Focused Movements
  • Lower Body Push Focused Movements
  • Upper Body Push Focused Movements
  • Wind Down Stretches
  • Midsection Makeover Movements
  • Energy Development/Metabolic/Stride
  • Focused Movements
  • “MOVEMENT Quality” Enhancers

No-Nonsense Nutrition Method (199 pages)

As you may have heard, half the battle is in the kitchen. In this part of the course, Fred takes you through a very comprehensive guide about dieting and eating healthily. One of the main sections is a fantastically easy to follow “Quick-Start” guide, aiming to allow you to drop 8-10 pounds of fat in less than 28 days, whilst maintaining as much lean muscle as possible.

As with the rest of the course, this section includes detailed information and tips about the different types of food groups (protein, carbs, fat etc) and how they effect your body when ingested in certain amounts and at certain times. It also includes many examples for each type, making it very easy to follow and relate to daily life.

Supplements, Drinks and Meal Timing are also topics covered well in-depth. Overall, this manual contains a lot of great information about healthy eating and about achieving that healthy eating lifestyle.

BONUS #1: Stop The Stress And Start The Success System (66 pages)

BONUS #2: Fred’s Famous Five Minute Fortifiers (23 pages)

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Do You Need Any Fancy Equipment To Follow The Course?

No complicated equipment is needed and you don’t even need a gym subscription to be able to follow 50 Fit training program. The only thing that you may  need is either a kettle bell or dumbbell, however this is used for just a few exercises, as many movements are included for which you don’t need any equipment at all.

Who Is The Fit Over 50 Training System Right For?

Overall, this is a beneficial program of fitness and health for women and men over 50, or even approaching 50. There are many other programs out there for weight loss, fitness, and health after 50, however 50 fit really sets the standard for others to follow, and is arguable the most comprehensive guide available on the market today.

50 Fit training system is also beneficial for those over 50 who are already following a fitness regimen, as many parts go into a lot more detail for the advanced trainer.

Good Points:

  • Joint-gentle exercises.
  • Packed from start to finish with content.
  • Well organized, simple to follow and easy to understand.
  • Easy to follow movements and exercises.
  • Suitable for all levels, beginners and advanced.
  • No need for a gym subscription.
  • No need to buy expensive or fancy equipment.
  • Program can be followed anywhere. At home, in the garage, outdoors, or even in the office!
  • Great nutrition and health information.
  • The diet system is based on the Paleo Diet principles.

Bad Points:

  • No videos included. There is the option to buy exercise videos, but they aren’t included within the main package.
  • Only as digital copy available. No hard cover copies. The good thing on that is, that you don’t have to wait for it and you can get started immediately. You can also take it with you on separate devices.
  • No set meal plan. The system gives you the choices to choose what you want to eat, but for those needing more structure, it may take a little longer to get started with (although the information included is so detailed that we think anyone will be able to get started within a few hours).


Overall this is a fantastic guide and course. Many men and women over the age of 50 are hesitant to see how far they can transform their bodies due to underlying health/joint issues, however Fred fully caters for this, allowing anyone to have the body they want. This means a leaner, more muscular, stronger and healthier you – in just 28 days.

The icing on the cake? The program retails for under $20.. it’s nothing short of a bargain. Fred could have easily given away half the information for double the price, however with 50 Fit you are unlikely to ever need to buy another guide again.

It’s never to late to start working out! And… at under $20.00 this program is a crazy steel, and if you are over 45 this program will help you feel better and stronger quickly.

Get started with 50 Fit now!

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